The Objectively Worst Time to Use an iPad as a Camera

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Although this isn't as grotesque as the MySpace quasi-hooker's self-portraiture, whipping out your iPad as a goofy camera during a wedding is just the worst. The worst. This marriage is doomed.


I'll never understand the psychology behind the iPad-as-camera phenomenon. We may never know—science can only penetrate the psyche so far. Do these people not carry a phone with them? Is it a bid for attention? A mental illness? Have years of amphetamine use rendered their hands so shaky that they can't hold on to a normal-sized camera? You know, one that isn't the size of an entire tablet?


Any responsible priest would have called off this ceremony. [@chadfoy via BuzzFeed]

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"Do these people not carry a phone with them?"

Is it too difficult to ask that people just have a NORMAL camera and take such camera to any place they would anticipate they might want to take some pictures. The pictures usually come out "Objectively" better.

I think the keyword, here is 'anticipation'. It's the idea that someone anticipated they would need their iPad in their....pocket? backpack? (I'm not exactly sure where people store these things when they're in public)...during a wedding ceremony. It adds insult to injury that he not only had it but that it was his weapon of choice to capture the moment.

I tolerate the fact that people use their phones to take pictures because nearly 100% of people have their camera-phone on them at all times and it's understandable that they may be caught in a Kodak moment and not have a real camera on them. I'm guilty of that, I have about 600 pix stored on my phone. But when I go to somewhere that I anticipate I may want to take a picture (like a wedding), I bring, at the very least, my point and shoot.