The R/C Nerf Tank (Dun Dun Dunnnn)

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When alien archeologists dig up the remains of 2009, they will discover one accomplishment that stands above all others. It won't be some new iPhone or even the LHC. It will be the Nerf Tank.

What started as a stock Nerf Vulcan—more than enough foam killage for most of us—was modified with four wheels, a turret, webcam and laser sight. And then, as you see in this clip, the tank turned on humans, hunting modders' girlfriends everywhere as if the violence were some sort of game.

It's with some irony that the Nerf Tank, the same invention that will directly lead to Man's demise, will be heralded by generations of other beings to come. So at least we have that little academic point to comfort us as the world melts into a sea of childproof yellow lava. [Instructables via MAKE]

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I think that is now "ex-girlfriend."

Or maybe "very forgiving and cool girlfriend."

But I think the ex is more likely.