Thursday night, Nintendo revealed key details about its upcoming Switch console, including its release date (March 3) and price (a cool $300). None of that mattered, however, once the company brought out an in-house “squid researcher” to introduce Splatoon 2, a sequel to the Wii U’s 2015 team shooter coming this summer.


“I am the diligent researcher at the squid research lab who has spent day and night researching the mysterious squid creatures that can take on human form,” said his English translator in a charming deadpan. “It has been about two years since I first discovered these squid and it seems there have been many changes to the squid world in that time.”

In reality, the cephalopod expert was none other than Hisashi Nogami, producer of the Splatoon games and creator of the Animal Crossing franchise—though you wouldn’t know it from his committed performance.

“The squid research lab will continue to share new details as we discover them,” promised Nogami. When that happens, we can only hope Nintendo’s head squid scientist will be back as well.


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