The Rich Needn't Experience Society's Ills Ever Again Aboard a Tropical Island Megayacht

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I've read Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal, so forgive me a moment, but I couldn't help but wonder if the poor would make the best fuel for this floating in-your-face exuberance from the folks at Yacht Island Design.

Helipad? Check. Volcano with waterfall? Of course. Pool on a ship floating in the world's largest pool? Naturally. Oh, and the volcano/waterfall combo is also a cabana. Like you didn't see that coming.


Powering it all would be the world's poor, because their slender matchstick frames are akin to brittle kindling, and I imagine they'd be at least half as effective as diesel fuel or whatever it is powers 90-meter-long floating cabana megayachts these days. Plus, they're free and easily found all around the world, and their self-sustaining numbers are graciously increasing every day!


Yes, it's a concept design, but honestly, people and their money sometimes. WTF?


The top speed is 15 knots. [Gizmag]

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