The Sombrero Bottle Juicer Will Zestify Your Spring Water

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I hate hydrating, and I'm getting fat from all the Sierra Mist I'm drinking. Bottled just water isn't refreshing enough. That's why I want this cheap, practical gadget that makes adding all-natural juice flavors to my Evian a cinch.

For only five bucks the convenient Sombrero Bottle Juicer can be yours. Apparently it was invented because the designer saw a friend trying and failing to squeeze a lemon into his bottled water. This is a very clever solution to that problem, but the juicer can also be a clever kitchen accessory for squeezing and storing fresh juices for cooking. There's nothing like a little lime-juice zip to make your taste buds do the Mexican Hat Dance. [Umbra via Mocoloco]

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Bottles can only take so much force applied to the top before they crumple. Water bottles, with their ribbing, are especially prone to this. Not A Good Idea.