The Space Shuttle Has Its Own Theme Song

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There's nothing like a good theme song to give a memorable moment some emotional oomph. It's only fitting that tomorrows Space Shuttle launch has its own composition created by Bear McCreary, the man behind the Battlestar Galactica theme.

The song, Fanfare for STS-135, captures both the "celebration and reflection" of the event says McCreary. It's a joint creation between McCreary, actor Seth Green and director Michael Dougherty.

No sneak peeks. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear the musical score. Those lucky enough to be in Florida can hear it at the Kennedy Space Center or the launch TweetUp event. Couch or computer potatoes can hear it on NASA TV and NASA's website. [Bear McCreary]


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"Up and away junior birdy-man. Up and away, off the grouuunnnd!" (sung while making hand goggles and running around the yard with a towel-cape tucked into my shirt neck)

That's of what I first thought when I read this article headline.