Watch Planes Bounce Like Cheap Sci-Fi Props in This Heathrow Time-Lapse

If you're sitting there, watching this video, and making the MRRREEEEOOOWWW jet fighter noise as each one passes, you aren't the only one. [Boing Boing]

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Buffulo Police Scare Up Some Drugs During Halloween Party Raid

Now this is my kind of party. Last Thursday, Buffalo's narcotics police raided the apartment of one Alexander J. Zito, 26, and discovered a righteous stash of greens—as well as some exceptionally high students from nearby University of Buffalo. In addition to the five full pounds of pot, police also found hash, a variety of edibles including 640 "Jolly Lolly" suckers, and "chocolate-flavored marijuana," according to the Buffalo News report.


Police made some other surprising discoveries as well. Like $13,000 in cash, a rental agreement paid out six months in advance, and a home loaded with brand new furnishings. And, oh yeah, a little crack cocaine as well (if its going to be that kind of party...). Zito allegedly would jaunt out to California, buy his herb using a bunk medical prescription, and then have it shipped back through the USPS. He won't be doing that for a while, Zito's been charged with felony possession of all sorts of things and is in police custody. The lesson here—you can totally get away with shipping large quantities of weed through the mail. [Buffalo News]

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BlackDog Rolls Out It's Bigger, Better, Newer Universal Series LED

Like the classic hot dogs vs buns inequality, you can never seem to quite get the right amount of light coverage on your planter trays with the lights you've got. Black Dog LED's new 5W LED light fixtures aim to fix that while eliminating half your grow lights and even saving a bit of electricity.


The Universal series flagship Platinum XL-U model, for example, contains 300 5w Epistar LEDs, which reportedly pulls only 700w of power while outputting more light than a 1000w HID. The XL-U also eliminates the need for a secondary ballast through its proprietary Phytogenesis Spectrum, which emits both blue and red wavelengths of light for their respective vegetative and flowering stages. What's more, the lights are arranged to maximize floor coverage and better fit the footprint of industry standard grow trays. The XL-U measures 19.5 x 19.5 x 5-inch but covers a 7 x 7-foot area for vegetative and a 4.5 x 4.5-foot for flowering. They're a bit more expensive than traditional grow lights, the XL-U is $1800 alone, but should make up for the extra initial outlay in future energy savings and higher yields. [BlackDog LED]

Thome York on Rain

It's sunny and about 67 degrees right now in California, so I'm having a bit of trouble empathizing with my New York-based counterparts. This 15 minute compilation of Radiohead's frontman singing about the rain, however, seems to be helping. [Buzzfeed]

In Session - Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1983

Yup, they've still got it.


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