Paddy Pan - Andrew Bowler

This charming student film from Andrew Bowler finally gives us a reason to cheer for muffin tops. [Cartoon Brew]

This Extreme Athlete Powered Rube Goldberg Machine Is Just Incredible

What, you got a better method for breaking a can of Red Bull out of a block of ice? Yes, I meant besides just storing it in the fridge. [Gizmodo]


The Joy of Tent Growing

If you're considering an indoor grow operation but aren't able or willing to construct the conventional room-within-a-room design, don't despair. You can always use a hydroponic grow tent as a seasonal solution. Problem is that with grow tentsā€”much like seeds, light rigs, and most other growing componentsā€”finding a quality tent is a bit of a crap shoot. Big Bud's Gary Anderson looks at the pros and cons of tenting. [Big Buds - Image: Everest Garden Supply]


Hide - Kris Menace feat. Miss Kittin

This new music video from French animator Mathieu BĆ©tard is even more impressive when you realize that the entire thing, rotoscope effects and all, were drawn entirely by hand. [iTunes - Cartoon Brew]

Tina Turner - Live in Rio 1988

Yup, she's still got it.