The Stoner Channel: Papercraft Links, Anime A Classes, and How to Roll Monster Joints

The Next A Class

Mercedes has taken an adventurous approach to advertising its latest sport wagon with this anime short of an unlikely trio chasing after a mythical bowl of Udon. [The Next A Class - Cartoon Brew]

The Legend of Zelda Digital Papercraft Adventure

Watch Link battle his most famous foes across the Apple product line. This ingenious short film was created using Final Cut Pro.

How to Roll a Barry Bonds

Andrew Pyrah explains the proper technique for rolling a joint so big, you'd swear it was on steroids. [Andrew Pyrah]

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Mexico and Uruguay Look to Legalize Cannabis

In the wake of the November elections and the passage of I-502 and Amendment 64, many South American countries have begun loudly questioning what moral authority the US has to expect them to continue participating in our drug war. To that effect, legislators in both Mexico and Uruguay have recently introduced legislation to legalize the production, sale, and consumption of cannabis. The Mexican bill is likely to face an uphill battle given that most Mexicans are opposed to drug legalization but Sebastian Sabini, Deputy of Uruguay's MPP-FA party, says their proposal will likely to pass Congress by the end of the month. If it does, Uruguayans will be able to hold up to seven ounces and grow as many as four plants in their own homes. [Reuters - 420 Times - Image: WilleeCole/Shutterstock]

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Industrial Hemp Masy Now Be Legal in Colorado but Smoking Herb on an Army Base Will Still Get You Thrown in the Brig

While the whole legal weed aspect of Amendment 64 has been making headlines, Colorado's recent initiative has a quiet provision legalizing the production of industrial hemp as well. The stalks, sees, oils, and fibers of these plants can used in more than 25,000 applications from clothing and paper to plastic and construction materials but, with a federal ban in place because it looks like cannabis (and our legislators can't be bothered with the half second of thought required to make a distinction between the two) the US is wholly dependent on imported hemp. What Amendment 64 doesn't allow for is smoking pot while you're in the military or on post in Colorado as it is a violation of federal law (for the time being) and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. "Once they cross over that threshold and enter a federal installation, they are under our jurisdiction and will be prosecuted," 1st Lt. David Bruton, 460th Security Forces Squadron acting commander told Defence Talk. "There is no give, no fine line; it's black and white." Sorry soldiers, cannabis may be fantastic in treating your PTSD but you'll have to wait until you're discharged before lighting up. [Hemp - Defence Talk - Image: / Shutterstock]



I don't understand grinders and rollin so much......doesn't a grinder just make it burn faster and quiker without as much smoke?