The Stoner Channel: People Getting Twisted, Pond Weed, and James Brown Doing the Beverly

Time Remapping Spins Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round

"TimeRemapExportHD" by Adrien M and Claire B. explores the incredible, slit scan-like distortions that After Effects time remapping feature can produce. [Boing Boing]

Growing Your Weed in a Pond Isn't Nearly as Gross As it Sounds

It's called aquaponics and works on the same general principles of conventional hydroponic systems. The main difference of course is that instead of just sitting in nutrient and water, aquaponic systems add fish and supplementary plant life to provide rich, natural fertilizer. But the process isn't for everyone, mind you. There are plenty of pitfalls to avoid but may hold the key to a perpetual harvest. Big Buds explains.

The Awesomest Way to Make an Omelette

The folks over at the Slo-As-a-Mofo-Sho (my new favorite YT channel) have devised some interesting ways of separating a yolk from its shell, though I suspect that it didn't take them nearly as long to film as the video suggests. [YT via Boing Boing - Gizmodo]


Longtime Canadian Activist Hits the BC Lottery

Robert Erb, a long-time marijuana activist and one-time Marijuana Party mayoral candidate, recently hit the BC lottery jackpot worth 25 million (albeit, Canadian) dollars. This right here? This is what is known as "karma".

James Brown and B.B. King Live

You wouldn't expect Soul and the Blues, with such different tempos and beats, to so well together on stage. But they do.


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