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The Stoner Channel: Pyromaniacal Bears, Cannabis' Brand New Bag, and Uncanny Dutch Flowers

Smashing Movie Moments

Never mind thrown stones in glass houses, you'd better watch out for thrown stoners. James Chapman has compiled this awesome supercut of cinematic heroes launching themselves through windows. [Laughing Squid]


Moxie - Stephen Irwin

Let this be a lesson to you all—this is why we don't teach suicidal Ursids with abandonment issues to harness the power of fire without first getting them addicted to smack and lemon juice enemas. [Cartoon Brew]

Illustration for article titled The Stoner Channel: Pyromaniacal Bears, Cannabis Brand New Bag, and Uncanny Dutch Flowers

What Legal Weed Actually Look Like in Washington

Marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado now, sparking a potential rush of weed tourism, but how will this "legal weed" society actually operate? Jacob Sullum takes a detailed look at the back end of cannabis legalization and explains how DUI laws, taxes, and retail ordinances will have to adapt to I-502. [Reason via StoptheDrugWar]

Brave New Old - Adam Wells

London-area animator Adam Wells takes a unique, "mechanical" approach to storytelling (as opposed to conventional cinematography). Who knew watching a rotating cube could be so enthralling. [Cartoon Brew]

You don't speak Dutch? Too bad, the commentary for the 2012 Zundert Bloemencorso (or "flower parade") is high-larious. Note: author does not speak Dutch either, this is just some really good herb. [Laughing Squid]


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