The Stoner Channel: Sonic Booms, Gansta Lunchables, and Why I'm Moving Back to Colorado

Weed Is Now Totally Legal in Two States, Still Sorta Legal in 17 Others

Both Washington's Initiative 502 and Colorado's Amendment 64 passed muster during last night's election garnering 56 and 53 percent of the vote, respectively. Detroit's Proposal M passed with a whopping 63 percent approval and Massachusetts legalized MMJ by a 2-to-1 margin! WOOT! CELEBRATOKES FOR EVERYBODY! However, residents of Oregon voted down their full-legalization Measure 80 and Arkansas narrowly defeated it's medical marijuana initiative. To their credit, neither of these states will be subject to the oncoming Federal vs States Rights shitstorm. [WPD 1, 2 - Oregon Live - Detroit News - Image: Shutterstock]

Supersonic Flight, Sonic Booms

Guile ain't got shit on me!

Gangsta Lunchables

You want to know how I know your parents didn't love you enough as a child? You got Lunchables.

Electricity Fight!

This started with just a cold Winter's morning and a pair of wool socks scuffed across a carpet. THEN SHIT GOT REAL.


Chasm - Jan Šrámek and Martin Búřil

Um, what the fuck was that?


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