The Story of the Hilarious Photo Crasher Squirrel

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No matter how many times I see this photo—of a squirrel crashing Melissa and Jackson Brandts' photo opportunity at Lake Minnewanka, in Canada's Banff National Park—it always makes me laugh. The fact that it's 100% real definitely helps:

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I'm always the kind of photerrorist who just extends his arm to take self-portraits—often winning the Multiple Chin World Record—but this photo has convinced me that I need one of these portable tripod things for my trips. [Joby—Thanks OMGPonies!]

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Ive never used or found a camera that will autofocus after a timer has been activated or focus remotely via a wireless remote (which I cannot see in their hands anyway)

I say fake. Also, why arent they in the centre of the shot? Im not buying it at all.