The Weather Apocalypse In London's Future

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London Futures

This may be the future of London and your city. It's a terrifying prospect, but one of the potential outcomes of climate change. Floods, ice, extreme immigration... I love the idea of Buckingham Palace in a slum. Watch, and imagine.

The photos are part of London Futures, an image exhibition at the London Museum that wants to "bring ideas to life and frame the climate change debate in a way that everyone can understand." Some will say it's leftist treehugging extreme propaganda. Maybe. To me it's not just about the very real possibility that this may happen down the line. It's about the fact that I would like to swim and fish and scuba dive on the East River and the Hudson, but if I did that, I would probably die from some mass infection or cancer.


That's why I care about the environment, folks: Pure selfishness. And that's why you should be selfish and care for it too. [London Futures]

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