The Wiimote-Controlled Casmobot Mows Your Lawn

If every kid had a Casmobot, there would be way more little boys knocking on your door asking if they could mow your lawn. Which would be amusing, until that cute kid charged you $500.

At the University of South Denmark, Kjeld Jensen has developed a robotic lawnmower called the Casmobot which can be controlled using your Wiimote. Using Bluetooth, the Wiimote communicates to a receiver in the Casmobot. It can be controlled manually, or be completely automated. Jensen says:

"We have been introducing [Casmobot] to the professional workers at the municipalities and the minute they got this Wiimote in their hands and started cutting grass, they were smiling and laughing all the time so I guess I'm not the only one that thinks this is a very good idea."

"This robotics module could, in theory, be put in to any kind of vehicle. In theory, you could actually take this module and put it in to a wheelchair, and walk your grandma just by sitting inside at the window and using your Wiimote."

Unfortunately, if I did that, my cantankerous Grandma would probably spit in my face, so why yes, an old-fashioned walk would be lovely. [Gossip Gamers]

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haha that last part was funny all you need to do is put a web cam on grandmas wheelchair and you're all set,

sunny can you take for a walk,

uhhh, fine grandma just let get my wii mote and my laptop

what now?