The World's Fastest Man Can't Outrun the Future

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Or is it the past? Either way, during a 20-minute victory lap at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, was hit and knocked to the ground by one of the world’s most over-hyped gadgets.

The incident happened shortly after Bolt had beaten American sprinter Justin Gatlin in the 200-meter event at Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium. A videographer capturing a tracking shot of Bolt while riding a Segway accidentally hit one of the supports on a camera track, lost control of the self-balancing-but-definitely-not-a-hoverboard-vehicle, and crashed into the world’s fastest man.

Bolt limped away from the accident, and later revealed a cut on the back of his leg to his reporter. But was not worried the injury would hinder future races or performances.

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