A bike can be a cheap alternative for your daily commute, but only if you don't have to replace it every few months cause it keeps getting stolen. The Kwiggle—designed by Karstin Bettin—all but guarantees your ride won't get swiped, because it folds to a compact package that can be easily stashed under your desk, instead of requiring you to lock it to an easily accessible rack

The Kwiggle is actually designed to be ridden in a standing position, with the seat serving as more of a support that rocks from side-to-side as you ride; hence the use of 'wiggle' in the name. Thanks to an extremely innovative folding mechanism, the Kwiggle folds small enough to stash inside a small suitcase, and the final retail version available later this year will weigh around just 14 pounds.


Exact pricing details haven't been finalized as of yet, but you can probably expect it to run a little pricier than the bikes sold at big box stores. But, when there's so little bike actually supporting you when you ride, you'll probably be happy its creator didn't skimp on flimsy parts. [Kwiggle Bike via Gizmag]

Images by Gizmag

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