Theranos Still Trying

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Disgraced Theranos founder and former billionaire Elizabeth Holmes is still trying to make it in the world of biotech, despite the two-year ban from operating labs that looms over her. At the American Association for Clinical Chemistry conference on Monday, Holmes announced a new blood-testing device called miniLab, which Holmes claims can run tests on a drop of blood.


“We’re pleased to share our technologies with the entire laboratory industry,” Holmes said, according to The Wall Street Journal. “It’s the beginning of the next phase of the company, as we introduce our technologies to the world.”

Holmes said the miniLab is “a single platform” designed to carry out multiple types of blood tests. She still withheld most details about the device, she is apparently “working on” sharing the device with other scientists.

In October, the WSJ challenged Theranos’ claim that it could perform blood tests that just require a few drops, and in May, the company voided two years worth of blood test results due to its faulty Edison technology. The new technology announced today has yet to be approved by the FDA, but Holmes recently submitted the Zika virus test to the government agency.

The Journal reports that Holmes also said that “the conference wasn’t the appropriate forum to discuss the company’s problems.”

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I hope she’s right. I also hope fusion energy will be perfected and a Zika vaccine released this year.