Illustration for article titled Theres No Better Place For Your DVDs Than a Shelf Made From 35mm Film

Taking the re-use over recycle approach, a couple of craftsman from Buenos Aires are turning wood and discarded film stock into these Filmantes hanging shelves that look like a must-have accessory for movie nuts or home theater enthusiasts.

Lucas Desimone and Matias Resich, the artisans behind the $85 shelf, had hoped to use reclaimed lumber as well. But since the film—which you unfortunately don't get to choose—needs to be in perfect tension at all times to properly support the weight of books, or DVDs, they had to go with a specific type of wood that wouldn't bend or warp over time, which could add instabilities. This shelf, however, is the first of many they have planned, and I for one can't wait for the sequel. [VU35 via Treehugger]


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