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There's Nothing Fishy About These Sushi Cakes

Using her enviable baking skills, Yolanda of How To Cake It turned batter, fondant, and icing into a mouth-watering sushi dinner, complete with pickled ginger and wasabi paste.


At the heart of the futomaki are chunks of a jelly roll, while the nigiri are plain old vanilla cake filled with a ginger buttercream. Making cakes that resemble other foods is nothing new, but the magic dressing up these cakes is never any less fascinating. Fondant is dyed and shaped to resemble seaweed, ginger, and wasabi, jellybeans are used in place of rice, Turkish delight and Swedish fish stand in for actual fish, and pieces of elephant ears (the cookie, not an actual animal part) are chosen as a replacement for fried crab legs.

Granted these sushi are a little oversized, but tiny food is another job for another YouTuber.


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Ugh. Maybe I’ve never had good fondant, but I’ve thought it tasted like wax you can eat.