This Adorable Nanotech Shark Will Swallow Your Puppy Whole

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It's tough being a dog the size of a cat. Not only do you have "toy" in your title, people try to carry you around like a purse—which is just demeaning. On the other hand, as a small dog, only you can fit in this awesome self-cleaning shark bed.

The Japanese Nanotechnology Pet Bed from ThinkGeek is designed to accommodate small dogs (or fat cats) up to 25 pounds. Its collapsible walls are coated with non-toxic silver nanoparticles which, when left in the sun for a few minutes, will automatically destroy bacteria, viruses, and the ammonia from puppy piddle. The "tongue" pad is also removable and machine washable for bigger messes.

It is available in two sizes, 13-inch high x 15-inch wide version for 10-pound pets and a larger 22-inch x 17-inch version for 25-pounders. They are $70 and $90 respectively at Think Geek. [Think Geek via Geek Alerts]