This animation sums up everything that happened in 2013 in one minute

Christmas is over! The year is almost up! And in days like today when there's not much going on, it's always fun to look back at the year that was. Who did something stupid? What silly things happened? What do you remember? ADHD sums up the entire year of 2013 in under a minute in this animation video. Can you recognize everything?

It seems to be heavy on Obama, Miley and Bieber with a few Internet memes dribbled in. Politics are always high on end of the year summaries like this and so is pop culture. You might have to re-watch the video or slow it down frame-by-frame to recognize it all but I actually think it does a pretty good job on the ridiculousness of the year (after like the 5th viewing, that is). What do you think?

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