Stand down, saluting War Machine. There’s a new robot suit figure in town that oozes patriotism—and it looks pretty damn great while doing so. Enter Sentinel’s totally awesome Iron Patriot!


Although we got a teasing glimpse last month, this is our first good look at the Re:Edit line’s latest Iron Man armor, the red, white and blue-clad Iron Patriot suit. The 7-inch-tall figure, like all of Sentinel’s Iron Men, has light up features in the helmet, chest and hands, as well as a variety of alternates to have the figure pose neutrally, ready to fire off a repulsor blast or toss the Captain America shield it comes with:

Swanky, right? If only it had a saluting hand... at least it can look patriotic in other poses:


Close enough.

The Iron Patriot will set you back a pricey $170—if you can get it, that is. The figure is exclusive to events and conventions Sentinel will be attending across Asia this Summer, so you’ll probably have better luck on the aftermarket than you will snagging one for yourself directly.


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