It doesn't even look like a bike but according to the wild mind of world-renowned cyclist Graeme Obree, it might be the fastest bike ever. Made from kevlar and fiberglass, the Beastie will be used at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge where Obree wants to break the world record of 82.8 mph. 83 miles per hour on that thing!

The Beastie is an incredible ride because, well, just look at the damn thing:


Isn't that just a street luge suicide styles? The bike is so ridiculous that it topples over when its at standstill. Only when it's moving (and it needs the aid of two people running next to it) does it gain enough momentum to stay up straight. Whatever. Obree constructed the aerodynamic shell to be super streamlined. He described the bike to Humans Invent:

“The front section is rounded, then it widens out and widens out and then comes back in, in a very smooth curve and narrows down to the back end…the most important part in terms of dividing the air and then pulling the air back in again with the least amount of energy is to have a laminar (non-turbulent) flow over the sides of it.”

Obree has reached 50 mph on the Beastie under his own power in fair conditions. He's not positive he can break 83mph but thinks he has a chance if things break right. With that sort of bike, it seems like things always have to break right for you. [Humans Invent, Image Credit: Humans Invent]

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