Watch This Daredevil Dive 1,300-Feet Off a Cliff Using Nothing But a Rope to Stop His Fall

Given the option, I would happily wear a parachute to merely stand on the observation deck of a towering skyscraper. But Carlos Munoz, who is apparently immune to the fear of heights, uses only a static rope line to stop his fall after jumping and plummeting 1,393.7-feet off a cliff—which is a new world record for such a stunt.


To help put that height into perspective, after jumping, Munoz free-falls for a full 20 seconds before reaching the end of the rope, at which point he’s jarred to a stop when he runs out of slack. And just to be clear, he wasn’t tethered to a long elastic bungee cord which stretches and dissipates the excess energy at the bottom of the fall. This was climber’s rope which brought Munoz to a very sudden stop at the bottom. Uncomfortable, for sure, but better than the ground.



WTH? Someone explain to me how climber’s rope works.

It must have some small measure of elasticity such that with a long enough amount the stop at the bottom isn’t too sudden. He wouldn’t be shouting for joy after this jump if it didn’t.

He didn’t seem to swing back into the cliff face either, so I’m guessing the descent wasn’t slowed more gradually by reaching the end of a long swing back into the cliff.

Lastly, there looks to be a lot of room below him still for someone to beat his record.