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This Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator Is Bad News for My Friends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I grew up watching Star Trek. In many cases, I speak in starship captain quotes and other Final Frontier sayings: “Make it so,”“he’s dead, Jim,” “Khan!” You name it. But this $150, bluetooth-equipped Star Trek communicator is going to enable my bad habits even further—and my friends will hate me for it.

Created by The Wand Company, a toy outfit that has a penchant for designing nerd treasure with actual real-world function (they also make a Sonic Screwdriver universal remote), the bluetooth Star Trek TOS communicator syncs with your smartphone, so you can use it as your dedicated speaker for all intergalactic transmissions calls from your significant other about what to pick up from the grocery store.


The Star Trek Shop says this functional prop used structured-light 3D scans to create the most accurate Starfleet communicator you could ever lay your hands on, and with any prop that’s worth a damn, it comes with all the blip-filled sound effects of the original.

Since humanity did away with the dial pad by the year 2265, it’s not exactly stated if you can place a phone call using the communicator but you can certainly answer with just a flick of the wrist and a “Kirk here.”


Seriously though, my friends are going to hate me. [SlashGear]

The Bluetooth communicator is available now for pre-order, and units will ship in January 2016.