This Controversial Climate Change Ad Made Sony Drop its Sponsorship

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They'd obviously spunked a lotta money on the ad, which features a Gillian Anderson voiceover and appearance from famous English footballer/soccer-player Peter Crouch, but when it illustrates exploding kiddies it's no surprise that Sony wanted nothing to do with it.

Made to draw attention to the climate change day October 10th, the 10:10 advert riled Sony up so much that they canceled their support of the event, labeling it "ill-conceived and tasteless." Kyocera, another supporter, has also spoken up about how it was a "grave error," but hasn't as yet followed Sony out of the door.

The video has been taken down from 10:10's website, but thanks to the nature of the internet it shall live on in tasteless glory forever more. [10:10 via Fast Company]


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