This Dark Knight/Scott Pilgrim Mash-Up Shouldn't Work, But It Totally Does

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When you think of mash-ups, I bet Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Edgar Wright’s kinetic take on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World are not what you’d think of as easy bedfellows. And yet, as this brilliant trailer proves, they’re pretty bloody great together.

Brilliantly made by YouTuber Inventor Headquarters, Bruce Wayne vs. The World recuts footage from all three of the Nolan Bat-films, and gives them the slick, punchy comic book and video game inspired aesthetic Wright used for his adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series. And it’s so good—so good, in fact, that Wright tweeted it himself.

It’s not just the added effects to emulate Wright’s style, but the surprising way the trailer is cut to make these Batman films look like laugh-a-minute action-fests. It’s amazing how much clever editing can completely alter the tone, but adding in Scott Pilgrim’s trailer music and its trademark style makes this whole thing sing even more. I’m almost sad this isn’t a real trailer for an Edgar Wright take on Batman ‘66 or something.