This Guy Turned His Dorm Room Fridge Into an Over-Sized Playable Game Boy

You can buy stick-on decals that will make your fridge look like a giant Game Boy, or you can do what Daniel d’Entremont did and actually turn your fridge into a giant playable Game Boy using a Raspberry Pi 2.

The most important part of d’Entremont’s hack, which involved removing and hollowing out the tiny fridge’s door to accommodate the LCD display and other electronics, was that it still keeps drinks cold, even while someone is playing Tetris on the front. After all, who wants to waste space in a tiny dorm room with a fridge that doesn’t keep your libations cool?


The upgrades took d’Entremont about nine hours to complete, which is obviously the best use of anyone’s time at college. And if it turns out that he’s actually an art history major, hopefully someone will convince him to switch over to engineering or computer science before it’s too late. [Mod Purist via Hack a Day]

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