This Is the Battery that Melted In the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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All the 787 Dreamliners—Boeing's most advanced passenger airplane ever—have been grounded because of what you can see above: a melting battery made by the Japanese company GS Yuasa Corp, integrated in the airplane at Boeing Everett Factory, in Everett, Washington. Looks pretty bad to me.


This is not the first time an airliner has been grounded. All Douglas DC-10s were grounded in 1979 after generalized wing damage was discovered following a crash that killed 271 people. The MD-80 was also partially grounded because of faulty wiring.

Hopefully, they will fix it and this wonderplane will fly again soon. [El Mundo—In Spanish]



LOL! The batteries are made by YUASA?!?!? Even on my little 1980's 50cc Yamaha scooters I own... this brand is the most common one can buy for motorcycles and they are TERRIBLE. They always have problems and one of them actually melted components on my scooter. They also never last more than 8 months. Owners avoid Yuasa and have to get a different brand.

Wow, just wow.....