This Is the First Official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen, Yours For $60

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People have been plugging Raspberry Pi boards into all kinds of displays for years, but now there’s an official—and portable—option: a 7-inch capacitive touch screen that will set you back just $60.

The new screen, which has been development at the Raspberry Pi Foundation for almost a year, provides 800 x 480 pixels spanning its 7-inches. It refreshes at 60 frames per second, has a viewing angle of 70 degrees, and supports up to 10-finger touch. It also features mounting points on the rear so that a Pi can be attached directly to the screen.

Attaching it to your Raspberry Pi isn’t quite as straightforward as plugging in an HDMI cable, though: you’ll need to supply power, either from the Pi’s GPIO port or from a separate microUSB lead, and string it up to the Pi’s DSI port using the supplied ribbon cable. All part of the fun, yeah?


The screen is available now from Newark for $60.

[Raspberry Pi via Engadget]

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I’m a noob who has no experience beyond building Window’s computers. I haven’t worked at OS/coding levels in 20 years.

The people behind Steven Hawking’s speach computer released the software a month or so back. I’ve been trying to design a ACAT system for my grandmother who was paralized by a stroke about 5 years back. She is still cheerful, intellegent and as happy as a 100 year old woman can be but she can’t speak clearly appart from a few swear words, when she gets frustrated, words turn into numbers.

So basically, my question is will Windows, any flavor, run on a Pi? The ACAT software is great but has only been released for windows. I have an old laptop I’m planing on using but this screen w/ a Pi would be far smaller and easier to integrate into a small box.