People have been plugging Raspberry Pi boards into all kinds of displays for years, but now thereā€™s an officialā€”and portableā€”option: a 7-inch capacitive touch screen that will set you back just $60.

The new screen, which has been development at the Raspberry Pi Foundation for almost a year, provides 800 x 480 pixels spanning its 7-inches. It refreshes at 60 frames per second, has a viewing angle of 70 degrees, and supports up to 10-finger touch. It also features mounting points on the rear so that a Pi can be attached directly to the screen.


Attaching it to your Raspberry Pi isnā€™t quite as straightforward as plugging in an HDMI cable, though: youā€™ll need to supply power, either from the Piā€™s GPIO port or from a separate microUSB lead, and string it up to the Piā€™s DSI port using the supplied ribbon cable. All part of the fun, yeah?

The screen is available now from Newark for $60.

[Raspberry Pi via Engadget]