This LED Flashlight Is Powered by Spherical Solar Cells

Solar-powered flashlights consistently suffer from one glaring problem: They're ugly as hell. But that's nothing that a multidisciplinary creative collective from Japan can't solve.

Enter Graf. This Osaka-based team is made up of a range of experts, from an architect to a chef to a furniture designer. The collective designed an LED flashlight for the MoMA Store that's not only absolutely gorgeous but also rather sophisticated in terms of technological prowess.


The so-called Sphelar Solar Flashlight is powered by a collection of eco-friendly, spherical solar cells embedded in the handle. The shape of the cells ensure that they collect the sun's rays on all sides instead of just on the surface. A full charge will provide up to four hours of LED brightness, and the flashlight comes with a handsome wooden dock that keeps the spherical solar cells exposed.

The Sphelar will set you back $150, but think of it this way: You'll never have to buy batteries again. [MoMA Store via bltd]


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