Budding World of Warcraft Warlocks will recognise the Infernals of the Burning Legion, but they're perhaps more used to them in their pixelated form rather than this awesome Lego creation by Flickr user Banghoo H - wired up so it shines brighter than the demonic fires it was summoned from!

Not only has Bangoo capture the look of the rock-and-hellfire creature brilliantly in Lego form (I love the use of a piece from the old Power Miners line for the head - perfect!), but the clever use of all those transparent green pieces also meant he could wire the Infernal up with LEDs so it could light up. It works pretty damn well too! Here's the full model:


And here it is lit up in the dark:

Pretty damn cool! You can check out plenty of behind the scenes construction pictures on Banghoo's korean-language blog, here.


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