This May Be the iPhone 6 Screen: Sharp's Ultra-Thin p-Si LCD

Illustration for article titled This May Be the iPhone 6 Screen: Sharp's Ultra-Thin p-Si LCD

Oh, you think rumormongering about the iPhone 5 is hot? Just you wait until you hear what's said to be in next year's iPhones—some bad-ass ultra-thin Sharp LCD screens, that's what.

Sharp hasn't even made them yet, but the Japanese newspaper Nikkan has reported the low-temperature poly-silicon displays will be starting production next spring.

So we know these screens allow for even thinner and lighter bodies than ever before, thanks to the drivers, optical sensors and other components mounting straight to the glass substrate and the TFT section of the screen being smaller, but what else are they good for? Supposedly the p-Si LCDs are more energy-efficient, consuming less power which equals more battery life.


It's also said that the screens are brighter than ever before also, as they have a higher aperture ratio. Coupled with the retina display resolution of the iPhone 4, it sounds as though next year's iPhone is worth watching out for, if you've been thinking about upgrading to this September's iPhone 5/iPhone 4S. [Nikkan via Apple Insider]

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I know this is all still rumor, but: To upgrade from a 3G to the i5, or wait for the i6? Thoughts?