This Real Estate News Could Be A Massive Walking Dead Spoiler

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I know it sounds crazy, but I promise it's true. It's difficult to explain without discussing the spoiler itself, so please consider this your spoiler warning. Don't click if you don't want to know.


Actor Norman Reedus is selling his home in Atlanta, where The Walking Dead has filmed since its inception. It doesn't necessarily mean he's leaving the show — he may just be moving to a different residence — but it could also possibly mean he no longer needs to be in Atlanta... because his character Daryl is no longer required on the show.

Here's the news, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Curbed Atlanta, which is a great local real estate site, says Norman Reedus, who plays the insanely popular cross-bow using zombie killer Daryl Dixon on "The Walking Dead," said he is selling his pad in Serenbe … Cable's most popular show, which airs the season five finale this Sunday, is not returning for production for season six for a few more weeks. Based on the photos from this real estate site, he is already long gone.

The good news is that The Spoiling Dead, a site devoted to Walking Dead spoilers (as you might have guessed), just recently swore that Daryl would not be dying in the finale. The bad news is they could be lying, wrong, or — and I'm guessing this is most likely — Daryl could die very quickly after the season six premiere this fall. In fact, he could have already filmed his death scene, rather than be forced to come back for a week or so of work later this year.

But again... maybe he's just looking for a new place. Maybe his current house didn't have an icemaker, or something. Maybe? Please? Oh god.

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I am guessing he is still there until Negan.

My guess is that Negan is going to kill Daryl and not Glenn. Everyone expects Glenn to die.

Imagine the shock if it happened to Daryl instead....