This Samurai Spider-Man Figure Does Whatever a Japanese Spider-Man Can

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Tamashii Nation’s amazing Star Wars “movie realization” series, which takes the Galactic Empire’s most iconic designs and turns them into armor for classical Japanese samurai warriors, is absolutely fantastic—but it looks like their next addition to the line from the world of Marvel comic books. Behold, Spider-Samurai!


The first picture of what appears to be the beginnings of a Marvel Movie Realizations series has hit the web (no pun intended) this morning, revealing a red-and-blue samurai warrior done up in the style of Peter Parker himself, the spectacular Spider-Man:


I love that his web-shooters are now just a wacking great grappling hook. But what a pleasant surprise to see this line branch out beyond the galaxy far, far away! Let’s hope there’s plenty more heroes to come out of this—if Spider-Man is already an indication, there could be some truly great redesigns in this range.

There’s nothing else revealed about the figure so far—no price or release date. But if the Star Wars Movie Realization figures are anything to go by, you can expect to pay around $80 to own your very own Samurai-Spidey.

[Via Toyark]

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Does whatever a Japanese Spider-Man can? Does that mean he can summon the giant robot Leopardon?