This Super-Sharp Knife Made From Pasta Probably Cuts Better Than It Tastes

Any kitchen innovation that reduces the number of dishes you have to clean is always welcome, and that’s exactly why we love this functional knife made from dried pasta. Not only can it be used to slice up tomatoes for a sauce, it can also be boiled and eaten as the main course.

If you’re not following this talented Japanese knife-maker on YouTube, you’re missing out on some truly impressive creations like knives made from leftover chocolate, or dried fish. The entire time-consuming processes of their creations is thoroughly documented, and while you’re able to follow along at home to make your own, reproducing this craftsman’s skills at sharpening almost anything might be hard to reproduce without a lot of practice.


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I made a knife out of slate when I was a kid. We called it a “magic knife” because it was so incredibly sharp it seemed like it could cut through anything! We would get our fingers sliced up and wouldn’t even realize it. We would keep it in a secret hiding place in the woods and then call upon its power when needed.

Then that jerk Jamie from three doors down decided to steal it one day and tried to stab a rock. It shattered like a mirror and cut his arm and forehead. Jamie’s mom came over and yelled at my mom for letting me make a knife, and my mom told her what to go do with herself. This started a feud which ended our annual neighborhood 4th of July party.