This Tesla Coil Guitar Amp Would Make Spinal Tap Weep With Envy

GIF: nabzim

This Tesla coil goes to 11.


A YouTuber going by the name nabzim has uploaded a video of himself playing a pretty gnarly little DIY Tesla coil amp and I have to say the results are not exactly what I expected. I guess they’re what I should’ve expected—the buzzing sound of electricity shifting between various musical notes. Still, it’s really great, and I want one. Those who are more technically adept than I am can find instructions for how to build their own right here.

It’s hard to tell if the YouTuber is trying to play around the limits of the Tesla coil or if he’s just not a particularly good guitarist. But I’d love to see a full-on metal guitarist go crazy on of these. I’d also like it to be twelve feet tall and descend from the sky in a pitch black forest.

[nabzim via Digg]



ArcAttack was always the highlight of Maker Faire for us. Here is Adam Savage in “The Cage” while they played the Dr Who theme. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any videos of when they covered “Ride the Lightning”.