This Week's TV: Doctor Who's Weirdest "Experimental" Episode Yet!

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Gravity Falls is airing its final episodes. Doctor Who is trying a strange experiment. The Walking Dead shambles off with a midseason finale, and the premiere of Regular Show: The Movie! All this, Gina Gershon, and more, on This Week’s TV!




Gotham (8PM, FOX)

“Gordon confronts a suspect who is connected to Galavan, but falls short of obtaining any information. Meanwhile, Bruce gets one step closer to discovering the name of his parent’s killer”

What’s this?! Mayor Galavan…exonerated? The Penguin… captivated! And Gordon—boy oh boy, is he aggravated!

Can the GCPD stop Father Creel’s murder cult of monks and killers, or will Gotham’s finest wind up transubstaniated? You’re obligated to watch!

Only one-episode left, Bat-fans! Genuflect! The end…is NIGH!

Gravity Falls (8PM, DISNEY XD)

By now, you’ve all heard the news that Gravity Falls is unexpectedly ending next year. And there’s only two episodes left! The final Gravity Falls of 2015 airs tonight.


Supergirl (8PM, CBS)

“Kara’s two identities are stretched thin when Supergirl must protect National City from a series of bombings and Kara is tasked with babysitting Cat’s son, Carter. “


“But Supergirl, you can’t be in two places at once!”

Minority Report (9PM, FOX)

“Blake withholds information from the Defense Intelligence Agency when he learns they are on the precogs’ trail, and Arthur takes matters into his own hands to save them. Meanwhile, Dash gets a vision of a political assassination that intrudes into Vega’s personal life.”


Blindspot (10PM, NBC)

Fall finale!



Scream Queens (9PM, FOX)

“Chad takes Chanel to his family home for Thanksgiving, where she meets his brothers, Brad (guest star Chad Michael Murray) and Thad (guest star Patrick Schwarzenegger), as well as his parents (guest stars Alan Thicke and Julia Duffy). However, an uninvited guest throws the holiday into chaos. Meanwhile, Dean Munsch gathers the survivors at Kappa House, but dinner quickly explodes into accusations of who among them is really the killer. Then, the Red Devil carves up a deadly main course as another victim falls in the all-new “Thanksgiving”


Introducing Brad and Thad Radwell! A timely Thanksgiving episode when most series this week have already moved on to Christmas.



Lego Scooby-Doo: Knight Time Terror (6PM, CARTOON)

Those excellent Scooby-Doo Lego sets get a thirty-minute commercial, essentially!


Teen Titans Go! (6:30PM, CARTOON)

“Two Parter”, the first half-hour special of Teen Titans Go! The Titans visit the Hall of Justice to use the swimming pool. Guest-starring Weird Al Yankovic as Darkseid!


Regular Show: The Movie (7PM, CARTOON)

Time travel, robots, spaceships and intergalactic despots—Regular Show gets the rare honor of a TV movie!


Making of The Wiz, Live! (8PM, NBC)

A bold, pre-show behind-the-scenes special! I want to know how they make the Chinese lantern and garbage can monsters from the subway scene.


Star Wars: Rebels (9:30PM, DISNEY XD)



Haven (10PM, SYFY)

“Audrey and Duke search for a way to save Nathan from the Void. Dave must plumb the depths of his own mind in his struggle to free himself from Croatoan’s deadly grasp.”




Z Nation (10PM, SYFY)

Gina Gershon guest-stars as the Queen of the Zeroes! Essential.

Black Jesus (11PM, CARTOON)

“Jesus makes a Christmas wish after he grows upset with the commercialization of the holiday. But, his wish brings unintended consequences.”




Pokemon: XY (8AM, CARTOON)

Blastoise and Ivysaur help an Eevee overcome its crippling stage fright. Week three of the sprawling Eevee Is Prone to Anxiety Saga.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (11AM, DFC)

The two-part season finale!

Power Rangers Dino Charge (12PM, NICKELODEON)

“While searching for a new Purple Ranger, the teens find all their personal wishes coming true in the worst way.”


Henry Danger (8PM, NICKELODEON)

A Christmas episode! And this is the promo they released…

Ash vs Evil Dead (9PM, STARZ)

Ash gets exorcised! And possibly castrated.

Doctor Who (9PM, BBC AMERICA)

An unprecedented 65-minute episode starring Peter Capaldi and NO ONE ELSE! Looks like experimental television is making a comeback in season nine’s penultimate episode.


Guardians of the Galaxy (9:30PM, DISNEY XD)

“The Guardians encounter a living planet that’s fallen under the control of a revived Ronan.”


The Returned (10PM, SUNDANCE)

We’ve been remiss for failing to mention that Sundance is currently airing this excellent French series about the dead returning to life. If you’re familiar with the comic book series Revival, it’s pretty much the extra-French alternative.




The Librarians (8PM, TNT)

“An old friend of Baird’s is running for Mayor of a small New Hampshire town and finds himself embroiled in a scandal in the form of a missing intern and a literal contract with the Devil. Baird soon finds herself in a battle not only for her own soul, but also for the souls of all the Librarians.”


I’ve always known the Devil spent a lot of time in New Hampshire.

Agent X (9PM, TNT)

“A biological weapon is used in a failed assassination attempt on a high ranking government official. John, Natalie, and Malcolm investigate the case, and quickly find themselves racing the clock to stop a domestic terrorist group from deploying the virus on a greater, catastrophic scale.”


Bio-weapons! Agent X inches closer to becoming Megaforce: The Series.

The Walking Dead (10PM, AMC)

Presented by XBOX ONE: the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. You’ll need a checklist to keep track of of who lives and who dies!


Top image: Doctor Who, via Radio Times


Jesus Villalobos

No Flash? No Arrow? No SHIELD? No iZombie? Are they on their stupid midseason break, or just taking a week off?


Very light week, I shouldn’t have binged on Jessica Jones on the weekend then...