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This Year's Best Photo App Just Got Even Better

Illustration for article titled This Years Best Photo App Just Got Even Better

Let’s just say it: Prisma is the best photo app in recent memory. Now, it’s getting even better with offline support, so you can add artistic photo filters whenever and wherever you want.


With Version 2.4, launching today, Prisma goes completely offline for iOS (and soon for Android). This doesn’t just sever your reliance on needing a connection for creating your artistic selfies; processing is also much quicker since it no longer has to be uploaded to apply filters. It knocks wait times to about 2.5 to 3 seconds.


But there’s still one big pressing question for Prisma: where is video support? According to the developers, it’s coming in the “near future.”

[iTunes via Engadget]

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Best filter app maybe, definitely not best photo app.