Thomson Lyra PDP2662S Sporty Splashproof MP3 Player

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The iPod Nano + iPod Sport Kit + a pair of Nikes may cost too much cash for some, but if readers still want to listen to tunes while they work out, this Thomson Lyra PDP2662S may be just the ticket to keeping your mind off of the excruciating jabbing at your side.

The player comes with 512MB of memory, which isn't much, but the 40 hours of playback is something you won't get with most players. Unfortunately, 512MB only equals about 8 hours of music, so you're going to be hearing Stevie Nicks' "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" at least 5 times before switching batteries. Double unfortunately, these are standard AA batteries and not proprietary rechargeable ones.


It does have a pulse rate monitor and a calorie counter, but neither apparently work very well. For about $90, what do you expect?

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