Threadsmith's Hydrophobic Shirts Still Aren't Very Hydrophobic

Last year, poor Adam Clark Estes sat alone with a camera pointed at his chest and poured the contents of a pantry onto himself. It wasn’t some wierd exhibitionist kink. Adam was testing out Threadsmith’s hydrophobic (meaning scared of water) shirts which promise to be extremely stain resistant. The shirt did great on a first try, but quickly failed after a few washes.

We gave a new batch of the shirts a shot earlier today. The T-shirt is still $50, although there’s now a woman’s cut variant for $40 and a long sleeve button down variant for $90. The fabric is still stain resistant at first splash. And it still fails after repeated dousing in the condiments of your choice. We tried chocolate milk. And soy sauce. And water. And Sriracha. And you get the idea. You can watch in real time to see how well it holds up to milk but how it quickly fails when confronted with mustard.

We also tested how durable the fabric is. (Spoiler alert: Not very durable.) If you’re going to be putting your shirt through the ringer, its probably better to suffer the stains to a cheap shirt than blow $50 on this novelty.


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If its truly hydrophobic how the hell do you even wash the thing? I’d imagine it’d get ripe after a while as oils and other non-water based dirt got on it.