Tiny Bluetooth Microphone Goes in a Hole Drilled in Your Teeth

Update: This is a fake! We were fooled because April 1 where they are (in China) was still March 31. Check out the original post after the jump.

How dedicated are you to using a Bluetooth microphone with your phone? Are you dedicated enough to drill a small hole in your teeth to install a tiny mic? Well, if so, here's one for you. Hit the jump for a picture of it in-mouth and a word of warning about DIY dentistry.


The durable composite resin filling is designed to fit in a hole 2.2mm in diameter and 1.7 mm deep and will pick up sound and vibrations from your mouth to produce incredibly clear sound.

I don't know about you, but I think I'd rather stick with a regular Bluetooth headset, especially when this thing still requires you to wear something in your ear so you can hear what's going on. But hey, it's up to you. And as Chinavasion, the seller, reminds you, don't go drilling holes in your teeth yourself. "All dental work should be performed by a qualified dentist, Chinavasion does not take responsibility for injury resulting from the installation of this product." Yikes. [Product Page via Geek Alerts]

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