Tiny Review: Fun Food Recommendations Without the Fluff

How many times have you turned to Yelp for some simple guidance on a restaurant only to discover a bunch of procedural descriptions of a meal—or worse—dissertations on the state of modern cuisine written by rando clowns. Were the libations good yes or no? The Yelp system lacks the pizzaz of Tiny Review.

What's it do?

Tiny Review combines photos from a restaurant (or bar) with a very short review, which is overlaid like a tabloid headline. It's limited to three short lines, so you've got to be pithy. Combines the functions of ther geo-location, review, and photo-sharing apps, you can view a stream of friends' recent activity or of nearby reviews. And after you're finished crafting your three-line masterpiece, you can share it on Facebook. Though the options aren't yet available, the app has grayed-out options for sharing your review on Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and email—the developer promises these are on the way.


Why do we like it?

The idea is to give people reading your review an instantaneous sense of your experience at a restaurant. Tiny Review generates crisp, graphics that pop like magazine covers. They give you just an essential morsel about what a dining experience was like. Even if the reviews aren't comprehensive, they convey somethign essential about the experience of being in a restaurant. It's like FoodSpotting with an extra bit of charm. Or Yelp with any charm at all.

Is it Ready Yet?

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