TiVo Mega: A DVR That Stores 3 Years of Video (For $5,000)

Illustration for article titled TiVo Mega: A DVR That Stores 3 Years of Video (For $5,000)

So much TV, so little time to watch it. So why not stockpile, say, three years of the stuff using TiVo's new Mega DVR? You'll just need a spare $5,000 to enjoy its capabilities.

Not so much a set-top-box, more a server, this thing packs a full 24 terabytes of hard-drive space. According to TiVo, that'll hold 26,000 hours of continuous standard-definition video (or 4,000 episodes of Real Housewives, as the Wall Street Journal points out). And if you're concerned about simultaneous recording, don't be: this thing will record six channels at the same time. You can also stow it anywhere in the house, as it serves video via the Internet to your iOS devices, transcoding on the fly.

Fortunately, the $5,000 price tag includes a lifetime subscription to TiVo's service so you should at least have something to record. It goes on sale in early 2015. [WSJ]

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There are going to be people who complain about this $5k price. This box is for wealthy people. If that picture is to be believed, it is for people so wealthy that they have rack mounted entertainment systems. That is super rich. 1% of 300 million people is still 3 million people so making a product for the 1% is not unreasonable. If you aren't part of the 1% of wealthiest people, this product likely wasn't made for you. Or me, for that matter.