Tons Of Tron Details, Plus Darth Maul In Transformers 3 And Baltar In FlashForward

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Who's Bruce Boxleitner playing in Tron Legacy? Find out below. There are world-shattering Lost spoilers. Fans create fascinating Iron Man 2 theories. Ray Park may join Transformers, and James Callis joins FlashForward. Plus Avatar 2, Caprica, Doctor Who and Fringe.


Tron Legacy:

Director Joseph Kosinski (and original director Steve Lisberger) answered a ton of questions at the L.A. screening of new footage from this film. The video game Tron 2.0 is not considered "canon" in this movie. And Bruce Boxleitner doesn't just play Allan, he also plays Tron. (Since the movie is named after him.) Cindy Morgan's character is not in the new movie. Michael Sheen's cyber-nightclub-owner character is named Kaster. The MCP won't be in this movie, because it was destroyed, plus it's obsolete technology in any case.

And this film's equivalent of Bit is a character named Jarvis who is Clu's "right-hand information officer," and he's not just a geometric shape. Also, this new Clu is a duplicate of himself that Flynn created in 1988, and he's sort of Clu 2.0. Also, the same games from the first movie will be around, in a kind of "gladitorial games," but there'll be new ones as well. [HitFix]

Iron Man 2:

One fan has a theory about why Ivan Vanko is so mad at Tony Stark. Maybe Howard Stark, Tony's dad, stole the idea for the arc reactor from Anton Vanko, Ivan's dad. And maybe in the process, there was a test which killed a bunch of people in Russia, and Ivan's attempt at revenge got him locked in prison. Tony might have no clue about this unpleasant history, until he does a ton of research. Anyway, this is just speculation, but it seems at least somewhat plausible. [Comic Book Movie]

Transformers 3:

There's a report that Ray Park (aka Darth Maul and Snake Eyes) will have "a lead role" in this film. But whether it'll be as a human character or as the voice of one of the robot characters, it's unclear. The report originates with a blog called LeftLaneNews which interviewed Park, but the video interview doesn't mention Transformers. So, you know, grain of salt. [LeftLaneNews]


Michael Bay says this movie will be totally new and different. "You can't just rehash the old. We're adding a lot of new elements. We're adding new characters. We're adding a lot of twists." [MTV]

Avatar 2:

We've already reported a few times on Sigourney Weaver saying she'll be in the sequel, and she's saying it again. This time, she elaborates that Grace is "in the tree," lending credence to the idea she could be a kind of Obi-Wan, appearing to Jake when he needs guidance. [iFMagazine]


Survival Of The Dead:

A new one-sheet for George Romero's latest zombie film shows how survival can go on after life. [ShockTillYouDrop]


Doctor Who:

More scenes from the story where crowds of old people are stalking menacingly. In one scene, a group of elderly people converge on the Doctor, Amy and Rory. The Doctor says they're not looking themselves, and asks if they're okay. One of them chases Rory. The Doctor asks their leader, a woman, why they're controlling old people. And the woman opens her mouth, apparently to release some kind of creature or energy source. (Probably to be created using C.G. later on.) There's also a scene where an old person is trying to break into a red camper van, and reportedly this has something to do with the mind-controlled elderly people trying to get at the pregnant women of the town. [GallifreyBase]



Here's a new clip from this Friday's episode. [CapricaTV]
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Patton Oswalt says you'll see him "pop up" throughout the season on televisions in the background and stuff, as it's obvious that people are watching the Baxter Sarno show. And he'll have some more major involvement towards the end of the season. Also, James Marsters (aka Greeley) will be in four episodes this season. [MTV and SciFiTalk via CapricaTV]



Gaius Baltar himself, James Callis, will guest star in the last few episodes of the season, and it's a fairly major role. He especially has something to do with Olivia's journey, producers hint. [TV Guide]



Not surprisingly, we'll meet Death, the last of the four horsemen, in some upcoming episode. [SpoilerTV]


True Blood:

Episode 3x06 will be called "What Do You Know About Love?" [SpoilerTV]


Here's the official synopsis for episode 3x10, "Chuck Vs. The Tic Tac":

Chuck AND Sarah MUST CLEAR Casey'S GOOD NAME- ROBERT PATRICK ("Terminator 2: Judgment Day") GUEST STARS –Casey (Adam Baldwin) carries out a side mission for his old commanding officer James Keller (guest star Robert Patrick) that leads to him committing treason. When Chuck (Zachary Levi) learns the dark truth about Col. Keller, he and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) set out to break Casey out of jail and clear his name. Meanwhile, Awesome's (Ryan McPartlin) plan to keep Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) out of danger gets more difficult when she gets her dream fellowship. Joshua Gomez also stars.



And since that's a Casey-centric episode, complete with flashbacks, there's some speculation about what we'll learn. IMDB lists actors playing Kathleen McHugh as well as "Young Kathleen," meaning that Kathleen might appear in Casey's flashbacks. And there's also an Alex McHugh listed — could it be that she has a kid in the present? And maybe the kid is Casey's? Pure speculation at this point, of course. [ChuckTV]


It wasn't a joke when a producer tweeted that the show's 18th episode will be called "Chuck Vs. The Subway." But this doesn't refer to the sandwich chain, but rather to an actual subway. [TV By The Numbers]

Scott Bakula will be in the last three episodes of the season. A tiger will be an integral part of an upcoming storyline. Morgan doesn't have a permanent love interest on the horizon. The Hannah thing will contribute to Morgan's suspicions about Chuck's non-productivity at the Buy More. [ChuckTV]



Here are some behind-the-scenes pics of Walter's lab. [Facebook via SpoilerTV]

A new featurette illuminates the secrets of "the other side":


Here's a trailer for the April 2 episode, "Escape":


Michael Emerson says there's a huge episode for Ben coming up in a couple of weeks, and "it may be the last one of the Ben episodes." Does he mean Ben is dying soon, or just that Ben won't be the focus of an entire episode after that? Also, he says the L.A. version of Ben is more of a regular guy, and he does form an important relationship with L.A. Locke, not unlike friendship. [E! Online]


Ryan's Transmission podcast has some pretty insanely detailed spoilers, based on filming reports and callsheets — so this is your last chance to scroll down to the comments. When Smokey comes to the Temple, he slits Lennon's throat, and throws a guy up against a pillar. He asks Sun where Sayid is.

In episode 13, "The Last Recruit," it sounds like Jack joines up with Locke's group, at least temporarily, and Jack and Locke catch up on stuff. Sawyer fills Jack in on his plan. (To double-cross Locke?) And Jack asks Claire if he trusts Locke. Locke asks Claire if she's seen Sayid, then Locke runs off to look for Sayid. When Locke catches up with him, Sayid reveals that he shot Desmond. (Nooo!)


In episode 15, "Across The Sea," we flash back to the world of A.D. 23. And both Jacob and the Man In Black are little boys, in a primitive village, with their mother, Claudia. Another woman kills Claudia, and she becomes their new mother. Later on, the boys argue about whether to go with the "other people," back home to their mother. "She's not even our real mother," the other boy responds. "You don't trust me, but one day you'll believe me," the first boy says. (Not sure who says what here.) Then, in A.D. 43, the adult Jacob is sent by the step-mom to go get some firewood, and when he returns, the village has been burned to the ground, and it's horrific, with body parts everywhere. (I wonder if M.I.B. has something to do with that?) Oh, and the little boy Jacob is played by the same actor who played the kid who appears to Locke/Smokey in the jungle in a recent episode. [Transmission via SpoilersLost]

And more sources confirming filming of scenes set in 23 A.D., with young versions of present-day characters. [The ODI and SpoilersLost]


We'll get a ton of answers about Smokey and the nature of his character in episode 7, and we'll learn all about Richard Alpert in episode 9, says Nestor Carbonell. [Zap2It]

A fan shot this video of Desmond filming an island scene with Smokey, and says episode 12 is definitely a Hurley-centric episode. [SpoilersLost]

The mystery of Smokey's relationship with Claire will be a "slow burn" over the course of the season, but we'll learn a lot in the near future, say Cuse and Lindelof. [Lyly Ford]


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.



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