Tons Totally Tooting while Tweeting From Tablets Taken to Toilet

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More than one third of tablet owners use them in the bathroom. Mull on that, next time you see a Twitter update sent from an iPad. A new study reveals interesting tablet-use facts, but I'd love to see even more.

A study done by Staples finds that 35 percent of tablet owners cop to using one while pooping. Or at least, while in the bathroom. 78 percent say they use them in the bedroom, and another 30 percent say they've used one in a restaurant. The numbers are getting some play today, but isn't this all pretty expected?

I mean, think about it, aren't those all places that people tend to read? Would you find it remarkable to see a solitary diner reading a newspaper at a table? Or to see a magazine stand in a bathroom? Or a book by a bedside table?


What I wish this survey revealed were some unexpected situations people use tablets. How many people have used a tablet for some interesting purpose while driving a car? Or while having sex? Or while exercising? When are tablets being used when traditional reading or computing would be impossible? I'd rather know how tablets are changing what we do or enabling new behaviors, rather than replacing books and newspapers during activities we already do. [BusinessWire via NetworkWorld via Slashdot]

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So, "weird" places I use my ipad. Does after sex count?

Usually my boyfriend wants to lay his head on my chest with his eyes closed for a while. Me, I want to put my clothes on and get some f'ing FroYo. Instead, I allow him to drift to a partial sleep state and then whip out my iPad or iPhone. A little reading, some facebook, send out a tweet.

I've yet to incorporate technology INTO sex yet, but if I learned anything from youtube, "It gets better..." so there's hope.