Top 50 Vampires: The Ultimate Score Sheet

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Which vampires sparkle in the sunlight, and which ones burn? Which ones fear stakes, or crosses? With vampires ruling the world of entertainment, it's important to know all the facts. Here's our roundup of 50 vampires' superpowers and weaknesses.


Click the chart to enlarge. Vampire Graph By Julia Carusillo.


Meredith Woerner

So many complaints, is anyone out there happy? This chart is bad ass and Julia kicked ass making it. First off we didn't include Bill and Blade with human blood, like I said before, because they don't SURVIVE off human blood. We can't include all of the traits because it's hard enough proving all these traits in separate mythology. We also can't include ALL vampires of else this list would be 2,000 vampires long. I for one am super proud of this list and stand by it. It's a great conversation starter and I'm still waiting to see if people can prove that Bram Stokers Dracula flies on his own with out any shape shifting aid. #movies