Illustration for article titled Toshibas JournE Touch Is An Underpowered Mini Tablet for Your Living Room

Toshiba's got a new take on mobile internet devices, and it is one that sorta kinda makes sense. Its 7-inch JournE Touch is based on Windows CE, has an ARM processor and isn't meant to leave the living room.

Touted as the "Ultimate Home Media Tablet" Toshiba's Wi-Fi tablet has its own icon packed user interface on top of Windows CE. It will allow you sit back on the couch and run a full Web browser and according to this release you can access Picasa, YouTube, Flickr and your instant messaging clients from the Wi-Fi device.


It has an ARM chip inside so chances are it won't handle true high def content all that well (though the video says it can). This thing has Nivida Tegra written all over it but no word on what is exactly powering the thing. A base station will be sold separately that will have USB and HDMI outputs.

The brushed aluminum device will retail for 249 Euros (about $350 U.S.). Hmm, a Zune HD makes a bit more sense to me. Ah mini-tablet season is upon us. [newgadgetsde and CrunchGear]


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