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TOTO Invites You to Tailor Your Dining Experience Based on Fanciness of Toilet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

TOTO, makers of the fanciest toilets and toilet seats on this side of reality, are so eager to get your to try out their hi-tech commodes, they've put together a list of all the restaurants in the USA that have installed a TOTO Washlet in their washroom!


That's right, residents and visitors of New York City, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas, and Honolulu can choose from a list of Washlet-equipped Japanese restaurants at which to dine—not least of which is the incredibly delicious Sushi of Gari in NYC.

This is the ultimate convenience for those of you looking for a side of premium raw fish with your pampered posterior. (At Gari, splurge on the omakase!) [TOTOUSA]